Lake Union for the the 4th of July

We decided to try something new this year for the Fourth of July. We decided to watch the fireworks on Lake Union. We usually avoid crowds and especially crowds of boats. But for some unknown reason, we threw caution to the wind this year. The challenge for us is that we can’t see the north half of the lake from our slip so we had to venture out into the fray and anchor in the melee of boats. This year we were feeling brave.

mv Archimedes Lake Union Fireworks 8

The fireworks are fantastic, but the “pre show” on the lake is equally entertaining.

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Poulsbo for Flag Day

We motored over to Poulsbo on Friday and spent most of Saturday there. We anchored outside the marina. While the weather wasn’t wonderful, it was pleasant enough. Very little wind left us with calm flat water. Everything was still and quiet … and gray and overcast, but still pleasant. Saturday was Flag Day*.

We passed the largest vessel we have ever encountered in Liberty Bay on the way to the marina. American Cruise Line’s American Spirit was anchored in the deeper part of the bay and busy ferrying passengers to waiting buses on shore.

mv Archimedes cruise ship in Poulsbo 1

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The Most Amazing Salmon Recipe EVER! (ask Rusty!)

Okay, maybe it’s not really THE most amazing salmon recipe ever, but it appears to go over well with every guest we’ve ever served it to.  And before another word, I want to be sure credit for the recipe goes to the original source, which is America’s Test Kitchen.   The recipe is published in their magazine.  I’ve abbreviated it somewhat for here, but in all, it’s their concept.

On with the recipe!   If you’re looking for an easy but amazingly flavorful way to prepare salmon while on board, look no further – excellent whether prepared by simply following the recipe or adding your own tweaks, this is almost infallible.   It’s quick, it’s easy, and for us it’s become a go-to recipe on water or land!

mv Archimedes Kim's great salmon recipe

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More projects done (or mostly done)

This past weekend was another effort to get a few more projects completed. It’s easy to buy the stuff for a project, but harder to find the time to do the work — at least it is for me. We made good progress, but completed little.

The deck freezer came back from Boat Electric with all new guts. It turns out the freezer was old enough that replacement parts aren’t available so all the internal workings had to be completely replaced. It was more expensive this way, but probably better in the long run.

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Roche Harbor to Seattle

The only casualty this trip was this water pump. I touched it and it broke at one of the connections. It was probably not my fault.

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Puget Sound Grand Banks Rendezvous (part 2)

More from the Grand Banks Rendezvous. While many of the photos make it look a bit dark and gloomy in Roche Harbor, the weather was actually pretty nice. No need for a jacket most of the time. I am happy as long it is not wet.

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Puget Sound Grand Banks Rendezvous (part 1)

74 boats and over 200 people attended the annual Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association Rendezvous in fantastic Roche Harbor this last weekend. This is the reason we were in the San Juans. This was our second Grand Banks rendezvous.

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