Garmin xHD radar upgrade

I always have high hopes starting a project. They never turn out to be as straightforward as I want them to. My project for this weekend was to replace the Garmin 18″ HD radome with a new fancy and possibly amazing just released Garmin 24″ xHD radome. In addition to the new radar, I also bought a new Seaview mast mount. The best price I found on the radome was The GPS Store, the Seaview mount came from Fisheries Supply.

It should be a fairly simple swap. There is just a power cable and a CAT5 network cable out to the radar. The hardest part should be changing the mast mount. Right? That’s the way I figured it.

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We have power!

I’m a little late posting here. The new generator is installed and working properly. 63 amps of glorious AC whenever we want it. We took the boat over to Blake Island for the weekend with our friend Bruce just to test it out and see how it worked. It’s pretty decadent to have power and hot water any time we want it.

Here’s the new generator installed in the aft part of the engine room. Gallery Marine did a great job. Thanks to Don and everyone who worked on our old boat! Gallery Marine has been added to our “Businesses We Like” list.

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Dang it! Another week to wait …

We had planned to pick up the boat from Gallery Marine this Friday evening and take the new generator out for spin. But … a combination of a few people out sick, and us adding a bit of other work … and Gallery Marine finding a couple of items that need to be addressed, the process will extend the pick up until next weekend. Oh, well. Good things are worth the wait.

We will pickup the boat NEXT weekend and take the new generator for a test drive at Eagle Harbor or Blakely Harbor on Bainbridge Island. Our friend Bruce will be joining us. In the meantime, I’ll write a list of projects that need to be done when he gets there. :)

Progress on the generator installation

I’ll just pickup where I left off with the last post. Gallery Marine is installing an extra swell Westerbeke 7.6 kW generator for us. Here’s the big empty spot at the back of the engine room where the new generator will live. It will sit spanning the stringers between the fuel tanks.

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Hot water

Our project this weekend was the water heater. The one we have seems to have served its purpose admirably, but has developed a small leak. It’s a Raritan R-12. I don’t see anything on it that helps me determine its age. All indications are that it has been there for some time. I figure I’ll just buy the exact same thing and all the connections will line up nicely, right? Easy.

You can barely see where the old tank is leaking. It’s the little line of rusty goo down where the arrow is. The tank is actually leaking from the back somewhere and then running down the floor of the engine room. I assume the rust around the bottom of the tank is a part of the leak problem.

mv Archimedes Water Heater old 1

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The “Businesses We Like” list

mv Archimedes Businesses We Like ASooo … down the page a bit, on the right side of our little blog, you’ll notice a list of “Businesses We Like”. When we have work done on the boat and we are happy with the experience, we try hard to promote the folks that did the work, both through a blog post and a listing on our site. So far, we’ve had positive experiences and dealt with some great folks.

Just thought you would like to know.

Disclaimer: Everyone has different needs and expectations. Your mileage may vary. Oh! … and no one pays (I don’t think anyone actually would) to put their name on our site.

Floating again

We are back in the water and back home at our slip. We picked the boat up late Friday night. The Yachtfish folks were kind enough to make the boat available to us well after they had all gone home for the weekend.

New bottom paint, zincs, and cutlass bearings. This is the best picture of the bottom paint I could get. The boat was already in the water when we went to get it.

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