Anchors Away

Anchors are a very personal choice. I don’t really know why, but the choice of an anchor seems to spur endless debate on the internet. Archimedes came equipped with a 45 lb. CQR. The first few times we anchored, getting a good set was more difficult than we expected, and were used to on our sailboat. Perhaps it was just me or not being used to the new boat. Anyway … I got the urge to do something different.

After some investigation, analysis, non-scientific research, and just because I thought it looked cool, we decided to get a 60 lb. Manson Supreme. I thought about the next size up, but was concerned about the ability of our windlass to lift a bigger anchor and all that chain.

Here are the old and new anchors side by side.

We are not using the slot.  (added to avoid what seems to be a fairly controversial subject)

A few months before, we had replaced the aging and rusted anchor chain with 300 feet of shiny new chain. How could we not put a shiny new anchor on the end?

And … just to top it all off, I made a new snubber. All by myself.

This is the first time I’ve tried doing an eye splice. Took some time, but I figured it out.

We’ve used the new anchor a couple of times now. ¬†Everything seems to work well. So we are all happy.

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