Last Saturday evening, we were on the Sound headed back to the locks. Just outside Shilshole, I went out on deck and noticed a Coast Guard boat approaching on the port side. When I saw the blue lights, I knew their intention. Those are cool boats, by the way.

The conversation went something like this…

CG: “Good evening. When was the last time you were boarded by the Coast Guard?”

Me: “Never.”

CG: “Would you like to make this the first time?”

Me: “Sure.” (Is there another answer to that question?)

They pulled along side and two of the crew came aboard. We provided the necessary documentation, showed them the fire extinguishers, life jackets, placards, and so on.

Who actually has a documented and signed Waste Management Plan? We do now.

The whole thing took about fifteen minutes. They were pleasant and professional throughout the entire process. They gave us a copy of the paper work and we were done. No Violations. Sweet!

I do try really hard to make sure everything is up to snuff. We keep our documentation organized, and all our equipment up to date. But, I think everyone dreads being boarded. This is the first time for us after fifteen years on the water.

It was painless and didn’t inconvenience us much at all.

(Sorry no pictures. It was dark at the time.)

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