Cindy and Noe

Cindy and Noe are friends from southern California. Not much experience with the Northwest and none with boats. They came up for a visit this past weekend and we took them out on the Sound for the day Saturday.

Fortunately for all, Seattle brought out some great weather for the weekend. The first sunshine in a long time. Sometimes we get lucky.

A beautiful start to the day

We left the slip on Lake Union headed for the locks shortly after 8:00 on Saturday morning. No other boats in sight. As we approached the locks, we could see the gates were closed. We prepared to tie up at the small lock waiting area. Just then the gates started to open and we got the green light. In we went. We were the only boat around so the gates were closing as we finished tying off. That’s service!

Once out in the sound, we set a leisurely course for Poulsbo around the north end of Bainbridge Island and down through Agate Passage. The flybridge was the place to be.

Docked at the Poulsbo marina, we headed out for lunch. After lunch, it was time to take the inflatable for a spin. We had a bunch of work done to the dinghy recently (more on that in a future post). This was a great opportunity to test it all out. I showed Noe how to operate it and we went out for a spin. Next, it was time to let Noe take Cindy for a ride. I went along for ballast.

Noe takes Cindy for a spin in the inflatable

Departing Poulsbo mid afternoon, we pointed Archimedes south and headed for Blake Island. There were very few other boats out. I guess people were still in shock over the good weather.

A mooring bouy was waiting for us on the west side of Blake Island. No breeze on that side. Cindy wanted to try her hand at the inflatable so we went off exploring. Once again, I provided the ballast. Noe stayed on the boat and napped off his earlier excitement.

Cindy at the helm. Archimedes in the background. Full throttle now, Captain!

Dinner was barbecued hamburgers and all the goodies. Cindy took charge of the burgers while Kim and I took care of everything down below. Yum.

After dinner, and about an hour ’til sunset, it was time to head back to the locks. Nothing eventful transpired for most of the return trip. Just off Shilshole, a Coast Guard boat pulled alongside with its blue lights flashing. We stopped and they came aboard for a safety inspection. After fifteen minutes or so, we were on our way again. No violations.

Darkness had settled in as we entered Shilshole Bay and headed for the locks. Once again, the gates to the small lock opened as we approached and we motored in. The only boat in sight. The tide was in so the ride up was short. Then we were out the other side headed for Lake Union.

It was a beautiful and peaceful night as we entered Lake Union and turned toward the marina. Stars in the sky, the lights of the city all around us. A wonderful view from the flybridge as we slowly motored along. A perfect end to the day. A long day, but a great trip.

The clock showed 9:30pm when we tied off at the dock. Another great trip in the log book.

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