The Alameda Boat Show

San Francisco and the Bay Area fancy’s itself the center of the universe for many things. Seattle can claim the prize when it comes to boat shows. I visited the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show in Alameda this Saturday. It is a nice show, and was pretty busy, but it pales in comparison to the Seattle Boat Show. With the amazing sailing the San Francisco bay has to offer, I always hope for a bigger boat show (perhaps there is one and I just don’t know about it). Nevertheless, I always enjoy spending time around boats and marinas.

Of course, it is a sailing only show. While they do have a few power boats in the water, the majority of boats on display are sail boats.

The Exhibit Hall. Before the crowd showed up. There were even a few vendors from the Northwest here. I saw 48 NorthSan Juan SailingAnacortes Yacht Charters, and Iverson’s Design in my tour of the Exhibition Hall.

The boats from the Clipper Round the World Race 11-12 were at the show. They were headed out to the bay to begin the seventh leg of the race. 5,500 miles down the coast, through the Panama Canal, and up to New York City. They are all on the way to Panama now.

I just liked the finish on this little boat.

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