Nothing but work this weekend

This weekend was devoted to fixing things and general work around the boat. Too bad. Saturday was a fantastic day for boating. Perfect weather. Low 80’s. Dead calm. Lots of people out on Lake Union. Boats just drifting in the sun. Not me. I ¬†glanced occasionally at people enjoying themselves while I tried to get as many of the little projects done as I could.

New registration numbers

New registration numbers from

  • I disassembled the starboard door window, re-caulked it, and reassembled everything. With luck, I fixed it. You can never tell with water leaks.
  • I scraped all the old caulking out of the seams around the top of the aft shower pan and re-caulked everything. If I am extra lucky, another minor water leak is gone.
  • I glued the new number plates and registration on the inflatable. Messy work … at least the way I do it? This is the end of a long and frustrating process that I have not blogged about. Just glad it is done.
  • I made numerous trips to Fisheries Supply to get the things I need. I found I had most of it once I rummaged around on the boat a bit. Turns out I am ahead of myself. I get the stuff to do the work, then forget about that when it is time to actually do the project and go get it again.
  • Took a bunch of stuff to Second Wave. The boat floats a little bit higher now.
  • Got rid of a bunch of other stuff.
  • Started re-wiring the flybridge electronics, cleaning up wiring, and generally making everything a bit more presentable. This project will take another visit or two to finish.
  • Installed the new dedicated AIS antenna.
  • Said “ouch” ( and other things) 147 times. I banged my head, smashed my finger, leaned on something, tripped, stumbled, and so on. I am getting too old for some of those small spaces.
  • Made many trips from the flybridge to the engine room (it turns out I keep everything I needed to do the flybridge work is down there) and back. At least I got some exercise.
  • Oh! And i got all the laundry done. Even washed all the bedding.
  • And … I found time to motor around Lake Union a bit in the evening and even managed a glass or two of wine.

Despite my best efforts, the list of things that need to be done does not get shorter. I did buy the things I need to complete a couple other projects. I hope I remember when the time comes.


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