Keeping Stuff Organized

I don’t know about your boat, but we have collected a drawer full of manuals and documentation for the various electronics and gizmos on Archimedes. While we occasionally reference one from time to time, they mostly just take up space. Our solution is an iPad and an app called Good Reader ($4.99).

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Sausage Rolls!

I have no factual data regarding the popularity of sausage rolls in British Columbia. All I can say is that we see them in every grocery store we visit. A brief google search shows they appear to be popular in Britain. Perhaps that’s the link. What I can say is that they are tasty. Not haute cuisine by any means, but easy to make and eat on a boat.


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Another working weekend

Wouldn’t you know it? THE nicest weather of the year and Seafair weekend to boot. Where are we? Lounging on the deck in the sun with a big hat and a drinks with little umbrellas? Nope. How about squeezed into the flybridge combing re-wiring all the electronics. Yup.

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