Sausage Rolls!

I have no factual data regarding the popularity of sausage rolls in British Columbia. All I can say is that we see them in every grocery store we visit. A brief google search shows they appear to be popular in Britain. Perhaps that’s the link. What I can say is that they are tasty. Not haute cuisine by any means, but easy to make and eat on a boat.


We’ve come up with a simple recipe that is quick to make. Disclaimer: It is entirely possible that sausage rolls are not the most healthy thing you can eat. We choose not to think too much about that. (it’s not like we eat them every day.)

With that said, here is how we make them. The quick and easy way. The recipe makes four, but only uses half a package of pastry dough.

  • One package Jimmy Dean sausage or similar. Hot or mild is your choice. We like hot.
  • One package frozen pastry dough sheets.
  • A bit of egg white to seal the edges.

Step 1. Peel the wrapper off the sausage and divide into four equal rolls the size and shape of large hot dogs.

We like to brown the sausage before rolling it in the pastry dough. This isn’t really necessary, but insures the sausage cooks fully and cooks off a bit of the fat.

Step 2: Lay out a sheet of pastry dough and divide into four equal squares.

Step 3: Roll the sausages up in a square of pastry dough, seal the edges with a bit of egg white, and cut a couple of slits in the top of the roll. (I guess that could technically be called three steps)

Step 4: Spread the rolls out on a cookie sheet.

Cook at 400 for about 20-25 minutes. Keep a close eye on them. Actual cooking times seem to vary significantly. Boat ovens just are not that accurate.

Be sure to leave plenty of room between the rolls on the cookie sheet. If the they touch, the dough will not cook properly and they won’t look very appealing.

That’s it. Let them cool a bit. Then it’s time to eat.

We make four, wrap two in aluminum foil, and refrigerate or freeze for another day.

These sausage rolls are by no means a gourmet effort. No fancy ingredients. Simple to make. Taste great. Well … everything tastes great on a boat.

We will have salad for lunch.

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