Ganges to Wallace Island

We left Ganges behind us and headed for Wallace Island this morning. Glorious weather continues. Sun and warm is forecast through the weekend.

A Salt Spring Air float plane passed us as we were leaving. They were on the way in for a landing.

Passing Conover Cove. Kim is reading Once Upon an Island by David Conover. The Conovers were the owners of Wallace Island from the mid 40’s until his death in 1983. Eleven acres of the island are still private, but the remainder is now BC park land.

We anchored in Princess Bay. Stern tied to shore.

This boat felt the need to get very close to us. It does not look it in this photo, but their boat is just about all we see outside the port windows.

We motored around in the inflatable for a little while this afternoon. Out to Chivers point and back down to Conover Cove. We went out to the rocks a little off shore and said hi to the seals. We saw a few baby raccoons, and a black tail deer meandering along the shore.

A few evening photos with great light.

I went out looking for a great place to photograph the sunset, but it didn’t work out the way I had hoped. Part of it is the weather. It is just too nice (I hate to say that). Is it too much to ask for just a few clouds in the evening? They can go away right after sunset.

We are staying at Wallace Island one more day. The island is too beautiful and the weather is fine.

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