We spent the entire day in Ganges. Groceries, laundry, dingying (is that a word?) about, and lounging around.

Sunrise from the flybridge. The fantastic weather is forecast to continue through the weekend.

I just like this sign.

The After Eight is docked at the marina next door. 150 feet long. Quite the vessel. I’ll bet they have gyro stabilized wine glasses.

The After Eight is wider than we are long. A fine looking vessel. They left for destinations unknown shortly after we motored past.

We ate lunch outside at the Tree house. Chicken enchiladas for me and Butternut Squash Quesadillas for Kim. Yum.

Then it was off the grocery store for a few supplies. The folks at the BC Liquor store were on a one day strike over something so no shopping there.

And a short walk back to the dingy dock followed by a quick putt back to the Salt Spring marina.

Just in time for a Gin and Tonic on the flybridge quickly followed by more relaxation.

We are headed for Wallace Island tomorrow. We are going to anchor and take our chances with the windlass.


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