Montague Harbour to Ganges

Today passed with little incident and complete relaxation. We left Montague early and headed for the Salt Spring Marina in Ganges. With the windlass choosing not to perform the task for which it was conscripted, we need a marina and a bit of time to try and solve the problem. I always prefer to anchor, but not with the prospect of pulling all that chain and anchor up by hand staring me in the face.

Two Grand Banks passing each other. We all waved.

The view forward from our marina. Salt Spring Marina. A9. A great place to be.

The view backward. Forward is much nicer.

A photo of the offending Windlass. I found the lubrication somewhat lacking and put in a pint of gear oil. Who knew these things require periodic maintenance? With luck, we are back on track.

The windlass would pull for a while then go slower and slower until the breaker tripped. This was the same even if there was little drag on it. I could pull the chain up and the windlass would speed up. Very strange. Maybe lubrication is the answer. We will give the windlass a good test at Wallace Island.

Update: The folks at Ideal have crushed my dreams. They pretty much told me what I already suspected — the motor is indeed probably toast. Replacement is the only option. We will just have to limp along until we get home. Kudos to them for responding to me so quickly!

Our neighbors in Ganges turned out to be a 1974 Grand Banks named Big Sky. They are on their way back to Seattle. They have been out for almost three months. Some day, we will have that kind of free time!

Here are a few photos from Ganges. The large boat in the background is After Eight. 150 long. The biggest boat in the neighborhood, by far.


We will be in Ganges one more day. Time to stock up on food and wine, then head out for more adventure.

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