Northbound – Seattle to Port Townsend

Saturday afternoon. Labor Day weekend. Many boats waiting at the locks to head out to the Sound. The large lock gates swing open. The lockmaster calls for the larger boats first so they can tie up to the wall. All the small boats immediately head in to the lock and block the way ….

After navigating the locks, we are on our way north. A fantastic day for boating.

Following the larger group of boats out of the locks and into the sound.

We anchor west of the Port Townsend marina. With 20 knots of wind, we put out 250 feet of chain in 35 feet of water. There is a lot of boat traffic and wakes in Port Townsend so we bounced around most of the night.

Moonrise at Port Townsend

Sunrise was beautiful. I pulled up the anchor and pointed us north while Kim got a little extra sleep.

Crossing the strait now. Next stop, Bedwell for customs then on the Montague Harbor for the night.

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