Otter Bay to Sidney

The RCMP boat Higgitt departed this morning. An interesting boat. They need more antennas.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for us to make the short hop over to Sidney.

The grounds at Otter Bay are beautiful – they’ve gone to great lengths to make them very appealing, especially to families, with two pools, lots of space for games, rendezvous, etc.

Approaching the Port of Sidney Marina. Now where is that darn entrance?

The view from “E” dock.

The funky little place where we had Japanese for lunch.  The owner seemed so excited to see everyone who came that he couldn’t stay inside – had to come outside to talk about your order instead of taking it through the window.   Very friendly, and the food was great!

A few photos from around the waterfront.

The Port of Sidney’s marina is always clean and nice. Flower baskets everywhere.

Ah, heaven – cheese fondue!   We were lucky enough to be seated in the window, and enjoyed the full meal deal, with included antipasto platter (including Bunderfleish!)  How could you NOT keep eating until it was literally all gone?   The waitress seemed impressed that we managed to eat the whole thing.  🙂

We are headed for Victoria’s Inner Harbour tomorrow. Never been there. Should be fun.

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