Port Townsend

We met Mel and Eileen yesterday. I tried to help him with a computer/GPS problem he was having, but he figured it out before I did. They have a wonderful 1983 Grand Banks 42 Motor Yacht, Mei Lee. The Motor Yacht version of the 42 uses the same hull as us, but pushes the aft stateroom out to the sides of the hull. While it eliminates the ability to walk completely around the deck, it gives the interior the feeling of a much larger boat. We kept asking them … are you sure this only 42 feet long? They purchased the boat new in 1983. They were very nice and gave us a tour of their boat. Here they are leaving the marina on their way back to Olympia.

Lunch was at my favorite spot in Port Townsend. Dogs-a-Foot. They are only open when the weather is nice. March to October. As you can see, they have no indoor seating. But they do have great hot dogs and sausages!

A few shots from my walk around downtown.

And of course the wine shop.

This guy is here with his whiteboards all the time. You name it, he has an opinion on it. He claims this is championing free speech. It does make some interesting reading …

The view from the flybridge as evening approaches. Looking forward is the tip of Point Hudson with the RV park. Beyond that is the Admiralty Inlet. Admiralty Inlet is the channel into the Puget Sound from the Strait of Juan de Fuca. All boat traffic in and out of the Puget Sound passes through here.

Looking a bit to the right is Port Townsend. Both the name of the large bay and the town that sits on its shores. A bit confusing. Port Townsend (both of them) has a long and interesting maritime history. Take a look.

We are on our way to Poulsbo bright and early in the morning. A 6:00 am departure is scheduled. At least for me it is. Kim will have a bit more sleep. I really like to slip the lines or pull up the anchor and be on our way just as the sun is coming up. That’s the most peaceful time of the day. Kim’s wants no part of that. The warm bed is more enticing than sunrise.

One more night then it is off to Seattle and home.

2 thoughts on “Port Townsend

  1. Mei Lee and Xanadu are moored across the fairway from each other in Olympia. I don’t get to see Mel and Eileen very often since they live in Arizona, but they do love their boat.

    John Caples
    GB 42-212 Xanadu

    • They were very nice. And they have a beautiful boat. They gave us the full tour. It’s interesting how much different the inside of the Motor Yacht model is.

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