Port Townsend to Poulsbo

We left Point Hudson early this morning and headed south through the bay, past Indian Island, and through the Port Townsend Canal. Here we are approaching the canal. The bridge links Indian Island to the mainland.

We were slowed by the tide. It was really ripping through the canal. About four knots.

The sound was quiet in this morning. an occasional boat could be seen in the distance, but that was about it.

For the last two weeks we have enjoyed phenomenal weather and seas that looked like this most of the time. We have experienced the opposite on many occasions.

Approaching Poulsbo. We went to the fuel dock before checking in. The great thing about our boat is that it sips fuel rather sparingly. We’ve used less than 175 gallons over the course of the last two weeks.

A rendezvous of Catalina sailboats precluded the availability of larger slips so 30′ was all we could get. It looks a bit silly. 46 feet of us in 30 feet of dock.

Beautiful downtown Poulsbo was hopping this afternoon. Kim visited all her favorite places. I washed down the boat and did a few odd jobs.

Tomorrow morning we are off early. Sadly, we are headed back to Seattle, through the locks and back to the dock. This has been a fantastic trip. We could not have asked for better weather. There were a few minor issues, but it is a boat after all. More on the entire trip later.

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