Poulsbo to Seattle – The End

We slipped out of the Poulsbo marina this morning at 5:30 under cover of darkness and wound our way through the anchored boats in Liberty Bay. Surprisingly, only about half the anchored boats seemed to be sporting the required anchor light. We could see the boats on radar, but occasionally had a hard time finding them visually. Once past the anchored boats, it was smooth sailing.

Sunrise as we cross Port Madison headed for the locks.

‘Memories’ was our lock mate this morning. When we arrived at the outside of the small lock, it was just letting a group of boats out. We had to wait about a minute before receiving the green light. Nice.

We came upon the Race for the Cure just past the Ballard Bridge. The Police boat asked us to stay to the north side of the ship canal and keep our wake down all the way to Lake Union. No problem.

Back home in the slip. Now it’s time to clean up.

We are on our way home now. It’s time to go back to work. Sad that this trip is over. We had the best weather we have ever had. It rained only one evening and into the night. By morning, the clouds were gone. We are already looking forward to the next voyage.

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