Princess Cove to Telegraph Harbour

We spent some time the last two nights laying up on the flybridge. Just watching the stars. We saw several shooting stars and a number of satellites passing overhead. Living in the city, it is wonderful to actually see the milky way. We used to be able to see this often when were children, but not too much anymore.

Morning was calm once more. Could this be any more perfect?

We left right after breakfast. The windlass was cooperative this morning and the anchor was retrieved without much effort.

It is amazingly calm today in Houstoun Passage.

A lack of planning on our part prevented us from going to the Telegraph Harbor Marina today. We’ve stayed there before and enjoyed it. Instead, we headed for the Thetis Island Marina. The end of “L” dock. The two are only a couple hundred yards apart. We ate lunch at the pub – A Chipotle Chicken sandwich and Chicken Quesadillas.

After lunch we took a dingy ride through the cut between Thetis and Kuper islands over to Clam Bay. We haven’t been in Clam Bay for a number of years. In incident with a line from the bottom, the propeller, and our sailboat has kept us away. Bad, expensive memories involving swimming naked in cold water with a sharp knife …

Here we are at “L” dock. Out on the end.

Nice socks! Kim preparing dinner. Sometimes she just needs a bit of a lift to reach stuff.

Tomorrow’s destination has yet to be determined.

2 thoughts on “Princess Cove to Telegraph Harbour

  1. It amazes me how you were able to get some many stars in your night sky shot. I need to learn to master low light photography but it would appear that you have it down!

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