Sidney to Victoria

Another fine morning as we headed south from Sidney to Victoria. The trip took us just about three hours. Once again the water was amazingly calm with almost no wind. Spectacular.

Rounding Trial Island. The lighthouse was built in 1906 and automated in 2009. While I understand the reasoning, and I can’t explain why, It seems a shame that lighthouses (in general) have been automated and there are no longer people stationed there watching over ships returning from the sea.

Here we are approaching the Causeway docks. This is the place to be when you are in Victoria. We took precautions and made reservations in advance, but the docks were only half full at night.

I don’t know why we have never come to Victoria on the boat. Perhaps it’s because we always look for the quite places when we are here. Victoria is a wonderful place with a very european feel. The inner harbor area is busy with many wonderful sights. We are here for two nights.

We are occupying prime real estate right in front of the Empress Hotel. The hotel was built between 1904 and 1908. The name is derived from when Queen Victoria was the Empress of India.

A number of these water taxis transport people around the harbor.

I like this photo. Eat Oysters. Love longer. The younger couple watching the older couple walk past.

The Parliament building at night.

From the fountain in front of the Parliament building looking back toward the harbor and the Empress Hotel.

Today we are off to the Royal BC museum.

One more night here then we head south across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and back to the US and Port Townsend.

More photos are in the gallery.

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