By ourselves at Blake Island

With the change of weather, fewer people seem to venture out in their boats. That’s good for us! We spent the weekend all by ourselves on the west side of Blake Island.

Into the locks we go. There was one boat ahead of us as we approached the locks. Got the green light right on time and cruised on in.

We squeezed in between the boat ahead of us and the wall. About a fender’s width between us. With a high tide on the other side, the trip down was quick.

There were many sailboats out racing off Shilshole. We did a bit zigzagging to get through them without interfering with the racing, then headed south toward Blake Island.

A beautiful day.

The weather report forecast winds 10-12 knots from the south decreasing as Saturday turned to evening. We chose to take a mooring buoy on the west side. With a 60% chance of rain and decreasing winds, this seemed like the right place to be. Unfortunately, the winds were more in the 15-20 knot range right up to nightfall. Overnight we saw 10-15 knots. Still not a big deal. It was not at all uncomfortable. No other boat traffic so no wakes to bounce us around. Just the occasional whistling of the wind.

We went ashore for a walk while the sky was still dry.

Helpful hint. Don’t go ashore on the north side of the island with the tide going out. We came back to find the dingy high and dry and eight feet from the water. In our case, dragging it back to the water was not an easy task. It kept digging into the beach. The beach is shallow and we had to float the boat a ways out before we could get in without sticking on the bottom.

We wandered over to Tillicum Village. The tour boat from Seattle was there and a number of people were out walking around.

Kim suggested we head back to the boat before the rain started. We were a bit late on that. It poured on us for most of the walk back.

Not much going on at the marina. I see the parks department is looking for marina hosts. Two week minimum. Must have your own boat (and food). Make sure the marina runs right, everyone pays, clean the bathrooms, and empty the trash. In exchange, you get free moorage and showers. Sweet deal! I can’t imagine why they don’t have a long list of volunteers.

The new deck lights work great. There is more on those somewhere on the blog.

And back to the slip Sunday.

Another enjoyable weekend. Not a very exciting report, but it was a relaxing weekend and nothing of note transpired. Sometimes it is nice that way.

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