Varnish Off, Vanish On – Part 2

The brightwork work (does that sound right?) at Native Brightworks continues. We are a bit over two weeks in to the process.

Much stripping and sanding has been done. Now it is time to start disassembling the railings. That is going to be quite a lot of work.


Courtesy Dick Ehlers – Native Brightworks

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While She is in the Shop … Doors

A bit more in the nip and tuck department.

It makes sense to try and get as much done as we can while the boat is under Native Brightworks nice big cover. The interior faces of the cabin doors have suffered from exposure to the elements, wear, and time. Might as well go ahead and have them repaired.

Mike Thomas from Thomas Marine Interiors is going to whisk them away to his shop, work his magic, and bring back something shiny and nice. You may remember Mike from the exciting episode titled Restoring Our Teak Decks. The age of Archimedes combined with all the wood on the boat means there are lots of opportunities for Mike.


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Varnish Off, Varnish On – Part 1

She’s 35 years old this year. Like an aging movie star, it is time to take a short sabbatical for a little nip, tuck, and polish. For the next month or so, Archimedes has checked in to  Native Brightworks on Lake Union for some desperately needed brightwork work.

As you can see from the following “before” photos, it is definitely time. This is what most of the cap rail looks like.


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Almost Alone at Blake Island

With the boat headed for a month or so of downtime, we though it best to hop over to Blake Island for the weekend. This being February, and with a bit of a chill in the air, other boats were scarce.

On the upside, no waiting at the locks. The sailboat ahead of us was kind enough to do the waiting for us.

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