Almost Alone at Blake Island

With the boat headed for a month or so of downtime, we though it best to hop over to Blake Island for the weekend. This being February, and with a bit of a chill in the air, other boats were scarce.

On the upside, no waiting at the locks. The sailboat ahead of us was kind enough to do the waiting for us.


There was only one other hardy soul on the west side of Blake Island. A sailboat on a mooring buoy off in the distance.




With relatively dry sky, we took the opportunity to do a bit of hiking about the island. It was moist and green and quite and wonderful.


A wonderful sunset led to a great evening.


And a fine quite morning.

RKL_0567 RKL_0574

… and it was over all too soon. Time to head back to Lake Union and drop the boat off at Native Brightworks.


The wait for the locks was less than five minutes. I love winter. We had quite an audience, though. Probably fifty people surrounded us as the lock cycled. I felt like I should have dressed better or been more interesting. We pretty much just stood there.

More later.

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