Varnish Off, Vanish On – Part 2

The brightwork work (does that sound right?) at Native Brightworks continues. We are a bit over two weeks in to the process.

Much stripping and sanding has been done. Now it is time to start disassembling the railings. That is going to be quite a lot of work.


Courtesy Dick Ehlers – Native Brightworks

Look at all that freshly sanded teak. The railing are going to look great!

All the parts are taped, labelled, and numbered for removal. I sure hope they get it all back together in the right order.


Courtesy Dick Ehlers – Native Brightworks

The undersides of the railings have yet to be sanded. It is easier to wait until the railings are all apart.


Courtesy Dick Ehlers – Native Brightworks

Another ten days or so before the boat is moved into the heated building to begin the varnish work. Then a couple more weeks before we get the boat back.

… more to come.

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