Drying out before the varnishing begins …

We are now drying out at Native Brightworks. It seems the screw holes for the stanchions were not bedded well. Water found its way in. The moisture content in the wood is too high to continue the varnish work. The Native Brightworks folks have placed lights over all the screw holes in the hopes the heat will expedite the drying process.


Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks


Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks

In the meantime, work on the doors continues at Thomas Marine Interiors. The inside skins have been removed. Mike reports it appears the doors were assembled by different people. In the back of my mind, I seem to recall seeing a receipt for work on one of the doors from some time in the past, but I can’t be sure.

I have plans to pick the boat up the first weekend of April. If all goes well, we will make that date.