Jonesin’ for Boating

Soooo …. Archimedes has been at Native Brightworks a month now. And I miss her. I miss being able to pop up for a visit and tinker whenever I feel like it or spend a weekend bobbing in the water. Sadly, I now have no excuses for putting off work around the house.

The sanding is done. Disassembly of the railings is complete. All the prep work is behind us. We are ready to move into the heated shed for varnish. Oh! And she has been in covered moorage for a month. A fringe benefit for February in Seattle.

The bad news after the break.


The handrails are off and tied up out of the way on the sides of the shed. Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks


Courtesy Richard Ehlers, Native Brightworks

There is excess moisture in the cap rail and the fiberglass below. Apparently, the screws mounting the stanchions to the cap rails were not bedded properly (or at all). She will need to sit in the heated shop for a while to try and get the moisture level down. This means another month without the boat. I am very sad.

But! On the bright side, it is good that we attended to this now. No sense in letting it get worse. The work will be done before the weather gets nice. The varnish will look great. We will be happy. It would have been somewhat less than wonderful to have the boat out of commission during much of the spring and/or summer. That would not have been good at all.

Here is a photo to remind me what is in store when Archimedes is back on the water.


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