Home again, home again

We are back! Back in our slip. It has been a long two and a half months since we dropped her off at Native Brightworks for the varnish work.

We did not have Native Brightworks varnish all the teak. There is so much on this old boat that I am resigned to it being a never ending process. We had the cap rails and handrails varnished. We also had all the grab rails sanded. I think we are just going to let them go natural. There is so much labor in keeping those up. It would actually be less expensive to have all the grab rails replaced with stainless than it would be to keep the teak rails varnished. So natural they will be.


A brief moment of silence for a little brightwork porn. The wood is beautiful.

RKL_1005 RKL_1011 RKL_1015 RKL_1074 RKL_1094

Does that all look great or what? Native Brightworks does a fantastic job.

The door project is also complete. Mike Thomas from Thomas Marine Interiors did a great job.


Re-skinned interior panels, new glass, and exterior paint. Pretty much covers all of it. Mike also came by to look at some additional work we may have for him.

The transom and name boards received a couple of maintenance coats of varnish too. Our behind is now our best side.


We are starting to look respectable.