At the Rendezvous

We are here at the Rendezvous. Guest Dock. 28. Stern In. Starboard Tie.

But first, getting here … We left Point Hudson this morning at 0800. We knew it might be a bumpy ride for a while north of Point Wilson. I think we were both surprised at the bouncing around. For the first 4 or 5 miles, waves were occasionally large with short distance between the next. This made for some good ups and downs with a few moments of an almost weightlessness feeling. We discovered what needs better security. Drawers flew open, then shut. The oven opened and closed on its own, and things generally bounced around. Then the seas settled down. We were much more comfortable the remainder of the trip through Cattle Passage. Once between the islands, seas were calm.


The remainder of the trip was uneventful. Sunny and nice with a light breeze. By the time we were entering Roche, we were number two in a parade of Grand Banks headed for the rendezvous.

Not much going on today. The rendezvous officially starts tomorrow. We cleaned the boat a bit and lounged around most of the afternoon. We made the salsa for tomorrow night’s appetizer potluck. Yum. I broke an old hand crank blender we used to have on the sailboat. I can’t actually remember ever using it. But now it is gone. It did not work very well ¬†and I broke it. The salsa is good, though.

A few photos ….

RKL_2090 RKL_2137

RKL_2239 RKL_2162 RKL_2074 RKL_2073

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