Grand Banks rendezvous, day one

Most boats arrived Thursday afternoon. The official start of the rendezvous is Friday. A number of boats arrived Friday morning. We have new neighbors on both sides.

We met a number of people, looked at some great boats, listened to a few talks, and ate a bunch of food. We are off to a good start.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous boats

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous docks 1

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous dock view 2

Our new neighbors, Change of Latitude arrives. Don and Debbie are taking their boat to Alaska for the next four months.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Change of Latitude arrival

Brian Pemberton from Northwest Explorations discussing how to visit Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte islands). We would love to have the time to take a trip there.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Haida Gwaii Brian Pemberton

The line for the lunch taco bar was long. The tacos were good.

Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous line for lunch

Grand Banks Chairman Heine Askaer-Jensen (with the hat) talks with Grand Banks owners. He came all the way from Singapore.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Heine Askaer-Jensen

In the evening, everyone brought an appetizer to the Potluck. There was an amazing quantity of really great food.

Kim, Harry and Josie from Dream Catcher, a beautiful Grand Banks 49, and Don and Debbie from Change of Latitude.

Heine Askaer-Jensen potluck 1

Archimedes Grand Banks rendezvous docks 3

More photos can be found in the gallery.

Stay tuned for more …