Grand Banks rendezvous, day two

The last day of the Pacific Northwest Grand Banks Owner’s Association’s Grand Banks rendezvous in Roche Harbor is over. Lots of stuff going on today.

The weather has been fantastic, but that looks like it is about to change. Rain is on the horizon for the trip back to Seattle.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous dog walkers Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous flags Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous doggy

Kim went out on her Women on the Water training. Here they are practicing docking. They were using the 42 foot Tyee from Northwest Explorations. She might have something to say about her experience in the near future.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Kim's WOW training

Grand Banks Chair­man Heine Askaer-Jensen talks about the latest goings on at Grand Banks.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Heine Askaer-Jensen

Bob Smith discussing Lehman diesel engines, the core of most Grand Banks boats.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Grand Banks update

Dock talk.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous dock talk

Roche Harbor’s Executive Chef Bill Shaw gave us a nice cooking demo (including Margaritas). Braised pork was the first on the menu. Then Bill showed us three dishes intended to be easy to prepare on the boat. Street tacos, a cubano sandwich, and Poke salsa salmon tacos. Two of the three dishes used braised pork as the principal ingredient. These dishes, conveniently, were also our lunch.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Chef Bill Shaw cooking demo

The audience.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Chef Bill Shaw cooking demo 2 Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous Roche Harbor

The dog show featured all the best boat dogs.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous dog show

And the last event before dinner, the rubber ducky race. The race started out slow and continued that way to the finish. No wind and no current left no clear winner ’til the very end. We did not win.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous rubber duck race

Dinner was held in the big tent on shore. Everyone was shuttled from one dock to the other very efficiently. These guys remind me of the raft drivers at the Tom Sawyer Island ride at Disneyland.

Archimedes Grand Banks Rendezvous dinner shuttle

Dinner was mexican themed and tasty. No photos from the dinner. I left my camera back on the boat. I figured I’d need both hands for eating.

That pretty much wraps it up. We are back on the boat. It’s dark and rain has started to fall. We’ve met some really nice folks. I hope our paths cross again before next year’s rendezvous.

Bruce arrives on the Kenmore flight from Seattle tomorrow around noon. Then we are southbound for Port Townsend and Point Hudson.

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  1. Looks like a good time! I guess you will be getting a dog now so you can compete in next years boat dog show…

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