A few more projects done

Just wrapping up some loose ends here …

I posted something recently about the Maretron NMEA 2000 extender gizmo, but didn’t have a photo. Here it is on the right side of the lower helm station. It allows four devices to connect to the NMEA 2000 backbone through one “T” connector. I just noticed what looks like some kind of alarm buzzer in the lower right. I guess I’ll need to figure out what that is for. It’s probably important.


Every now and then, you just need a new tool. A Fein MutiMaster. I am sure I will find many uses for this around the boat. I did actually buy it for a reason. Really. I need to do some fine sanding on the starboard exterior window sills. See. That’s a good reason.


This poor old fan was mounted above the helm station to defog the forward window. It seemed to work mostly, but was faded, kinda dirty, and the vinyl coating on the blade guard was falling off. We can’t have that. We replaced it with a new Guest 900 12 volt fan. Exact same model. The screw holes and wiring all matched up. Easy swap.


For some inexplicable reason, the Fish Taco boat passed us by. 🙁 Just motored right on past without even looking our way.


All the wiring behind the chartplotters is nice and neat. Or at least as neat as it can be.


And I completed most of the video related work. I already posted separately about that.

There were a couple of other things, but nothing interesting enough to post — not that any of this is all that interesting ….

Oh! One more … new non-skid for the dock steps. How’s that for exciting?


Next weekend we are actually using the boat!

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