Even more loose ends …

Everywhere I look I find a loose end just lying around. I am trying to sweep them up as quickly as I can. It usually takes three or four tries to complete a project. I attribute this to my general lack of organization.

Truth be told, I get involved in the work and forget to take photos of the important stuff.

I posted recently about ourĀ video installation here. At the time, I thought I had taken a few photos that seemed important but could not find. I still can’t find them so I took a few more. I don’t know how interesting they are, but it seems like they should be posted to complete the story.

First, the video amplifiers with all the cabling installed.


Second, the actual cameras. It’s a bit remiss of me to write a big post about video and not include photos of the cameras. So here they are.

The engine room camera is mounted facing forward back between the fuel tanks. This camera came from ebay. Search for 12 volt marine camera and you will get close.


The mast camera is mounted up by the spreaders facing aft. It’s a reverse image Garmin camera. The little round thing in the middle of the photo.


So that’s it. Time to move on to other stuff. It is entirely possible that some actual boating content could find its way on to the site in the very near future.

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