Untangling anchor chain = fun!

What a way to spend a glorious weekend on the boat. The sun was shining, the weather was warm. Lake Union was full of boats. I was untangling anchor chain in the v-berth.

But, it needed to be done. We were in some big waves a couple of weekends ago. It appears the 300 feet of anchor chain lifted up in the locker, inverted, and fell back to earth tangled. It took me about an hour of fighting to sort it out and find the problem. And a bit longer to resolve it.

The culprit turned out to be the board in the photo below. It is meant as the floor of the chain locker. The weight of the chain seems to have broken the board and the whole mess fell down into the bottom of the locker. The board wedged in there and prevented the chain from moving.


The empty chain locker is below. You can sorta see where the board sat (it’s hard to take a picture in there). There is a support on the front of the locker and on the back. I debated replacing the broken panel, but decided to fill the space with additional anchor rode instead.


I had purchased additional line to add to the chain rode a while back but had never been motivated enough to add it. With the anchor chain laying on the dock and the chain locker empty, I was out of excuses.

The new line is 300 feet of Samson Pro-Set-3 three strand anchor line. That will give us 600 feet of combined chain and rode. Enough for all occasions. Likely more (I hope) than we will ever need.

Before adding the new line and putting everything back, I needed to come up with a way to secure the end of the anchor rode to the boat. The original anchor rode had 50 feet of line on the end in case the rode needed to be cut loose from the boat.The end was tied through the finger hole on the board. Not the best way to do it in my mind. I decided to bolt a ring to the aft panel of the chain locker with a backing plate on the other side.



I ran the new line through the hawse hole and secured it to the ring with a double overhand stopper knot.



I fed the new line through the anchor, windlass, and down through the hawse hole and into the chain locker.


While the line was laying all over the dock, it seemed like a good time to refresh the paint markers. I repainted all the white (50ft) markers and the red 100 foot marker. The green and blue markers are still in good shape. Good for me too. I only had white and red paint.


Then it was just a matter of getting it all back in the boat. That chain gets really heavy after you have hauled it around a few times.


Finally. All done. Time for a break and on to the next project.


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