Great iPad apps for boating

The iPad has become a part of everyday life for many. We have found all kinds of uses for ours. From work to reading, to movies, to boating.

On Archimedes we have numerous uses for our iPad. Our iPad has LTE so we can access the Internet wherever there is cell service. We mount it above the chartplotter using a RAM Suction Cup Mount and use it to keep an eye on the weather amongst other things.


Here are a few of the applications we find useful around the boat from time to time.

  • Marine Traffic – The iPad version of the AIS application from
  • AyeTides XL – A great tide application.
  • Nav Rules – The ColRegs. Everyone needs a copy.
  • Navionics Charts – From THE source for PC based navigation.
  • Navimatics (with Active Captain) – A great charting application with integrated information about moorages, marinas, and places to go.
  • Pocket GRIB – Winds, and weather where you are.
  • Animated Knots by Grog – Animated knots for all occasions.
  • RadarScope – Weather radar anywhere in the United States.
  • RadarCast Pro – NOAA weather information. Real Time.
  • Waggoner Cruising Guide – The definitive guide to boating in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.
  • GoodReader – We put all our electronics and systems manuals (in .pdf) in GoodReader so we don’t need the paper version. We free up some space on the boat by leaving the manuals at home. This application has many uses. And we can download and read the latest issue of NW Yachting. I did a post a while back about this application. You can find it here.
  • ToDo – We use this To Do list application to keep track of things that need to be done on the boat. There are a number of To Do list apps. This is just the one we use.
  • Evernote – Track just about anything you want with this great application. We use it for shopping lists, notes, videos, and anything we need to remember about the boat. Web, desktop, and mobile device versions all synchronize. More at
  • Starwalk HD – For when you are in that quiet anchorage and the sky is full of stars. Just point your iPad at the sky to find the names of everything.

What applications do you like?

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