Some gain, not all pain

Besides untangling anchor chain last weekend, I was able to get a few additional projects completed … and squeeze in some actual fun as well. The details of these projects are not entirely interesting so I’ll stick to the highlights.

I installed a second chartplotter. A Garmin 7212. With Garmin’s release of the new 8000 series chartplotters, the cost of the 7212 has come way down. Down to the point of affordability … at least for us.


I might have gone for two 7212’s (I like symmetry) but we already had the 4212 and it seemed a waste not to keep it. It is less than three years old. A fringe benefit of the 7212 is that it comes with a Garmin 19x GPS antenna. The 19x updates significantly faster than the standard 17x antenna that came with the 4212. In fact, Garmin sells the 19x for around $249 all by itself. So this is a good thing.

Installing the 7212 was pretty easy because I already had the NMEA0183 and 2000 and Garmin Network infrastructure in place from when we originally installed the 4212. And we have a 4208 on the flybridge.

I thought it would be awkward with that pole in front of the chart plotters, but it turns out it is not really a big deal. Some day, I’d kinda like to build a nice console to hold all this stuff.


In the process of installing the 7212, I took the opportunity to move the NMEA 0183 connections inside the lower helm station. This area is more protected and at the same time, more accessible than where I had put it the first time. I also moved a couple of NMEA 2000 connections in there as well (I did not take a picture of that. I don’t know why. It is probably more interesting than the photo below.) I used a Maretron Multiport Box to decrease the number of cables I had to run. I’ve used those in a couple of other places (like the flybridge) and they are really handy.



Oh! And I replaced all the flares. Conveniently, the ones we had all expire this month. If you haven’t checked yours in a while, now is a good time.

And last, for some real fun, we bought a Hobie Revolution 11. It’s fun. Now to find a place to stow it. More on this later …


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