These photographs are fantastic

I am a sailor at heart. I love sailing and sailboats. Photography is one of my (many) hobbies. I am also a sucker for black and white and sepia tones photos. I just think these photographs by Michael Kahn are wonderful.


Michael Kahn’s photographs capture the power of the ocean and the majesty of sailing classic yachts in a unique and wonderful way. Check out more of these great photographs here.


2 thoughts on “These photographs are fantastic

  1. So true, black and white tends to define the moment so much more than color. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of contrast which is so pleasing and mood swinging. Thanks for reminding me why I love black and white action. Great post!

    • To me, black and white allows my imagination to enhance the photo more than a color image. A black and white photo could have been taken yesterday or a hundred years ago. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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