Blake Island with Friends

Warning. Spoiler alert! This post contains descriptions and photos of actual boat use. Not the usual fix this, untangle that, install something sort of project post that has bogged this site down recently. Read on if you dare …

Our friends Tim and Carmel, and Cindy came up from Southern California for a day on the boat. The weekend before the Fourth of July was amazingly warm and perfect. People in California think it rains all the time in Seattle. It was nice to show them how wonderful it can really be here. We swore them to secrecy upon their return to California.

They only had one day with us so I picked them up from a dock on south Lake Union in the dinghy bright and early Saturday morning. Kim had breakfast waiting when we arrived. After a quick tour and orientation, we headed for the locks eating breakfast along the way Surprisingly, there was no wait at the locks. We motored in behind one boat and two smaller boats followed us in. We popped out through the locks and headed for Blake Island.

On the way over, Tim and Cindy were playing with the flybridge intercom. Tim ordered up a couple of Vodka Tonics. I called their bluff and produced two high quality drinks. They were surprised and somewhat appreciative. It was 10:30 in the morning. I think they liked them.


As luck would have it, there were a couple buoys available on the west side when we arrived at Blake Island. After we tied up, the remaining buoys were quickly snapped up by other boats. The last time we were here, we were all by ourselves. This time, there was a crowd. Boats, kayaks, tents, and lots of people enjoying the wonderful weather.


Photo courtesy Tim Scherf

After a short break, we broke out the inflatable and the kayaks and prepared for serious relaxation.

Cindy and Tim took the inflatable out for a spin. Actually, Cindy took the inflatable out for a number of spins. She seems to like speed. The inflatable can do about 24 knots. She also liked pedaling the kayaks around. It was hard to get her back on the boat.


Photo courtesy Tim Scherf

The new Hobie kayaks are really fun. I posted about them here. I found time to pedal around for a while between all the other stuff we were doing to relax. Relaxing is hard work.


Photo courtesy Tim Scherf

Kim and Carmel spent most of the day talking about all sorts of stuff. Books and kindles and reading. I didn’t hear most of it.

Tim apparently liked driving the inflatable as well.


Photo courtesy Cindy Nasser

Late in the afternoon we packed everything up and headed for Port Madison. We anchored in Port Madison and broke out the inflatable once more. Tim and Cindy went for a tour of all the nice houses along the shore. Kim and I started working on dinner.

Dinner was barbecued hamburgers and all the fixings. Bacon and Cheddar burgers to be exact.

We departed Port Madison just before 7:30 pm and headed across the sound to the locks. We arrived at the locks just as the small lock light turned green. There were two small boats ahead of us as we motored in. Once again, no waiting. Nice!

Going up in the locks. Kim, Cindy, and Carmel.


Photo courtesy Tim Scherf

Just about to the top. Cindy, Tim, Carmel, and Kim.


We were back at the slip about 9:30pm. A long but great day!

Slightly off topic … I often enjoy the Hot Tub Boat when it passes by. It was over 90 on Sunday. No one seems to want to actually get in the hot tub.


4 thoughts on “Blake Island with Friends

  1. Hi Rusty, We finally made it up here from home in AZ. Still at the dock in Swantown Marina, Olympia. Bought a pair of Crocs on your recommendation. Why don’t you cruise down here and visit with us. Farmer’s Market is Thursday through Sunday. Good guest moorage at Swantown. We have a car here.
    Me & Eileen

  2. slightly? off topic … 🙂
    I think I saw Tim and Cindy at Disneyland driving the boats there also … You can take the kid out of Disneyland, but not DLand out of the kid!
    Looked like a lovely outing!

  3. Looks like so much fun. The weather looks so perfect.
    And yes, I am one of those people who thinks that it is always cold and raining in Seattle.
    I really hope that I can come visit soon.

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