Blake Island without friends

As avid readers of this site (if there are any other than close relatives (and I am not sure about them)) will note, we’ve been to Blake Island an awful lot lately. In our defense, sans windlass, we are currently limited to marinas and mooring buoys. We choose mooring buoys over marinas any day. That limits us to relatively few places close to Seattle.

So that’s how Kim and I ended up at Blake Island all by ourselves (but by no means alone) this weekend.


Strangely, and I can’t explain why, we’ve been boating in the Northwest for over 20 years and, until last fall, had never been to Blake Island. I don’t know why. It’s a nice place to go.

We have had great luck at the locks lately. No waiting again this trip. We motored right in after the boat ahead of us and that was it. Down we went.


Way down actually. It was a big minus tide. We kept going down from here.


It was an easy and quick trip over to Blake Island. We took the last mooring in the line on the west side of the island. We figured that would be the quietest. Farthest away from the beach.


We saw lots of wildlife at Blake Island. Deer feeding on the greenery on shore, Raccoons foraging along the shore, Otters, and even a couple of Bald Eagles. The Raccoons were most active at at low tide. They were busy foraging in the shallow for crustaceans and crab. A family of otters appears to live near the last mooring buoy. They were out both morning and evening. We counted six at a time. They are fun to watch.

Two went out – one came back …


Along with everyone else, we threw a couple of crab traps in the water on Saturday. Two hours later we had a significant haul of Starfish. No crab. I reset the traps a short distance away. One went missing. Must have been just a bit deeper than I thought. I searched the area thoroughly with no luck. Too bad. It was an expensive trap.

We spent a lot of time kayaking along the shore. These Hobie kayaks are great exercise and just a lot of fun.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with lounging around and relaxing.

We had typical northwest weather each day. Overcast and cool in the morning, sunny and wonderful in the afternoon. Like two different days. It was so nice by afternoon, it seemed like the clouds were yesterday.



Sunday morning we left the mooring buoy about 8:00 and pointed the bow for Shilshole. We went back through the locks an hour and half later. No waiting once again. In fact, they waited for us. Nice.


Another great trip, but as always, too short.

It will be nice to get our windlass back so we can anchor again.

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