Fish Tacos!

Yum! Fish Tacos.

I was busy working on the windlass this past Saturday when I happened to notice the fish taco boat passing by. With it being close to lunchtime, and working on the windlass less than satisfying (it’s good and broken), the obvious choice was to hop in the inflatable and give chase.


I let them get a bit of a head start. I didn’t want to seem too anxious or scare them. I was able to locate them shortly near the south end of the lake. In truth, there are really not that many places they could have gone. Their goal after all is to attract a crowd of hungry taco buying folks.

RKL_3974 RKL_3984 RKL_3986

I pulled up next to them and ordered up a taco with hot sauce. Baja style with Pacific Cod. Very tasty.


I motored away munching on the taco. It was pretty good. In fact, I decided to do a quick u-turn and go back for another. At $5 each, it’s a bit more than I am used to paying for fish tacos, but they were good and you can’t beat the lake on a sunny day for a great place to eat.

They usually can be found over by the Center for Wooden Boats but decided to give this dock by the park a try. Check them out if you have a chance. The Seattle Taco Boat.

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