Jen and Joseph

Jen and Joseph, friends from San Francisco, joined us for a weekend trip on the boat. Our goal was to show them just how fantastic boating in the Northwest is. That, and relax and have a nice time. I think we were successful.

We headed for the locks early on Friday morning. It was a beautiful day. Clear and calm. As we approached the locks, we could see fog spilling over the locks into Salmon Bay.

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New life for our old windlass

We’ve had a few issues with our little windlass in the past. It seems to have been abused to the point of failure recently. I posted about that here. And last year we had to replace the motor. That post is here. I am going to take the high road here and blame all of this on previous owners and/or years of dedicated service and hard work (and perhaps just a little abuse).

There is a noticeable difference between the old gear and the new one.

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