Jen and Joseph

Jen and Joseph, friends from San Francisco, joined us for a weekend trip on the boat. Our goal was to show them just how fantastic boating in the Northwest is. That, and relax and have a nice time. I think we were successful.

We headed for the locks early on Friday morning. It was a beautiful day. Clear and calm. As we approached the locks, we could see fog spilling over the locks into Salmon Bay.


Once outside the locks we found … more fog. Lots of it. We motored off in the direction of Blake Island. I know. Blake Island again. Well … in our defense, It is a nice place to go. And our goal was to show Jen and Joseph a good time. They had never been on a boat in the Northwest.

Fog and very low visibility all the way to Blake Island. Radar, AIS, and Seattle Traffic on the VHF all the way. We followed this boat out of the locks. They eventually disappeared in the fog.


We found a great mooring buoy on the west side of Blake Island. The last in the line. Farthest away from the campground. Quiet. We could have anchored. Considering all the work we’ve done on the windlass recently, I am a bit hesitant to test fate and actually use it. We will save that for our upcoming trip to Canada.

We broke out the water toys shortly after arriving. Jen and Joseph went out for a spin in the kayaks. They seemed to enjoy it.

RKL_5502 RKL_5507

Kim and Jen actually circumnavigated Blake Island. A long trip. That seems like a lot of work to me, but they had good time. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around.

Just before bed time, we noticed a couple of bright flashes way off in the distance toward Tacoma. We didn’t know what it might have been and didn’t think much of it. About two in the morning, we awoke to the most spectacular thunder and lighting we have seen in a long time. We could clearly see huge bolts of lighting. The thunder was really loud. And quite a bit of rain came along with it. Kim and I ran around making sure all the windows and hatches were closed. We watched the storm for a while and then went back to bed.

In the morning, we commented on the storm to Jen and Joseph. They hadn’t even noticed it. They slept right through it.

After a nice breakfast, we headed north for a leisurely trip to Poulsbo. Our guests demonstrated their enthusiasm for the entire boating experience by napping. Maybe the excitement was overwhelming. After all, they are younger and probably have to pace themselves.


As it turns out, Poulsbo was hosting the 2013 PNW Cruisers Party. Lots of sailboats and pirates. The marina was pretty full. We found an empty 30 foot slip on “F” dock and backed in. We stuck out quite a bit.


Live music, pirates, and random cannon fire entertained us most of the afternoon. This is Dave Calhoun doing Jimmy Buffet style tropical tunes.


The blindfolded dinghy races were entertaining. Mostly they just bumped into boats and each other.




Saturday night was the annual Poulsbo Art Walk and Street Dance. We missed most of it because of our dinner plans. You can’t go wrong with the Anaheim Chili Penne Pasta (with sausage) at That’s a Some Italian and a glass or three of wine. Right across the parking lot from the marina.



Sunday morning we headed back to Seattle early. Not too early, though. We had to visit Sluys’ Bakery before departing. Yum. Nothing like lots of sugar coursing through your veins early in the morning.

It was a pleasant trip back. We popped in to Port Madison for a quick tour along the way. We like Port Madison. We often stay there on the last day of a trip. It’s an easy trip back across the sound and through the locks in the morning when they are not too busy. There are a growing number of mooring buoys in Port Madison. Anchoring space is getting smaller all the time. I think it is unlikely those are all legal buoys.

There was a short wait at the locks. We were followed in by several boats. High tide, so the trip was short.



It’s always sad coming out of the locks on the lake side. It means the trip is over. We had a great time. Once again, Pacific Northwest weather cooperated and we were able to show our friends just how wonderful Northwest boating can be.

Just two more weeks and we are off for two weeks on the boat! I can’t wait.

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