Clam Bay to James Bay

I can report that we made it safely out of Clam Bay with nothing attached to the boat that shouldn’t be. I have conquered my fear of Clam Bay. That’s good because I know who would have had to get in the water … again.

mv Archimedes departing Clam Bay

Once again, we departed with no destination in mind. The seas were calm and flat. The sun was out. It was warm and wonderful. It was so nice just being there. It was awesome.

mv Archimedes motoring down the Trincomali Channel 1

Sitting on the flybridge, the sun is warm, seas are calm, just a couple of other boats … It doesn’t really get any better than this.

mv Archimedes motoring down the Trincomali Channel 2

With the weather so perfect, we decided to swing in to James Bay on Prevost Island. We’ve been in and out of James Bay on a number of occasions, but never dropped the anchor. Too much wind. We decided to take our chances this time and see how it went. I’ve stayed overnight once at James Bay. Instead of a quiet and restful night, we were afraid the anchor would drag in the wind and stayed up most of the night. Come to think of it, I think it was the same trip where I had my Clam Bay adventure.

James Bay is a nice little bay with a park at the head. There are two nice gravel beaches, hiking trails, an old apple orchard, and cows.

The problem with James Bay is that it’s just not a good place to anchor overnight. It is completely open to the weather from the Trincomali Channel. And it’s rare that the wind is either blowing the right way (out of the bay), or there is just no wind at all. Our plan was to spend the day there, and either stay overnight, or move to Montague Harbour if we weren’t ¬†comfortable with James Bay. As it turned out, it was perfect.

We anchored as far toward the end bay as we could. 52 feet of water. 250 feet of chain in the water. There were only three other boats here. Two left within an hour of our arrival. Plenty of room to swing on the anchor.

We went for a nice hike ashore. It felt great to be walking in the woods on such a fine day and in such a great place.

mv Archimedes hiking at James Bay

mv Archimedes anchored in James Bay

mv Archimedes James Bay view 1

As evening approached, we had just one neighbor. No wind at all. we decided to take our chances and stay for the night. Never the less … we were buttoned up and ready to move should the need arise.

mv Archimedes anchored in James Bay 2 mv Archimedes inside anchored in James Bay

Two other boats joined us just after dark. Just four of us enjoying this fantastic place.

We laid out on the flybridge and looked at the stars. We counted two shooting stars and six satellites passing overhead. Note: It’s much easier to see the stars with the anchor light off.

Morning was calm and gorgeous. I am sure the seas are as flat as it is possible for them to be.

mv Archimedes morning in James Bay

On to our next destination. I think we are headed for Genoa Bay. We’ve never been there before either.

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