Ganges to Wallace Island

It’s a gray morning here at Wallace Island. Low clouds, not quite fog. We’ve been here two days now. For the most part, it’s been nice. Not great, but nice.

Like this photo from yesterday morning. This is better than nice.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Sunrise 1

Back to Ganges …

After a last minute trip to the grocery store, and a few minor tasks, we left Ganges about 11:30 bound for Wallace Island. It’s not really much of a distance. An hour and a half and we were there. It rained all the way. Kim made lunch. Sandwiches. A nice part of motoring along in a slow trawler is that barring rough weather, we can comfortably cook and eat along the way. That, and being inside and warm when it’s raining.

mv Archimedes motoring along in the rain

I activated XM Satellite Weather for this trip (more on that another time). Here is a shot of the chartplotter showing current precipitation.

mv Archimedes XM Weather on Garmin 7212

We found six other boats in Princess Cove upon our arrival. Plenty of room for all. We anchored and stern tied with sailboats for neighbors on both sides. The weather cleared somewhat later in the day and we went out for a kayak adventure.

This little deer seemed to be enjoying the evening on the opposite side of the cove.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Princess Cove Deer

Sunset was very nice. Calm and quiet. A few more boats joined us in the cove.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Sunset 2

The wind came up in the night. A little after 2:00 AM. Blowing from the southeast right up the cove. We found ourselves closer to our neighbor than we would like. We also found our other neighbor a bit sideways and bumping their stern on the rocks. With no other option, we elected to pull the stern line and re-anchor away from shore and the other boats. Several others followed our lead. After an hour or so, the winds calmed and we went back to bed.

Morning was clear and calm. After a number of boats had departed, we re-anchored once again. I wanted to be sure we had a good hold and ample swing room in case the wind came up again (which it didn’t). Time to take the kayaks out and explore the shoreline.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Kim Hobie Kayak

Afternoon was breezy with some sun and some clouds. Kim baked Red Velvet cupcakes. I ate them. We work well together that way.

mv Archimedes Kim bakes Red Velvet cupcakes

Sunset was nice.

mv Archimedes Wallace Island Sunset 3

We had hoped to get in a bit more kayaking this morning. It’s raining lightly. Maybe we will just be lazy and relax instead. It’s nice and warm in the boat.

Time to pick a destination for tonight.

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  1. I love the sunset pics!!! Be safe out there and don’t let anyone bump into Archimedes! Hugs to both of you and save me a cup cake!!

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