Garrison Bay to Port Townsend

The anchor came up at 8:05 this morning and we were on our way to Port Townsend. It was another beautiful morning in Garrison Bay. This the first time we’ve been here. It was pretty shallow when I got up in the morning. Low tide. Seven feet.

mv Archimedes morning in Garrison BayWe were¬†expecting fog in the strait. It’s that time of year. We can almost guarantee fog at the traffic lanes in Admiralty Inlet. And foggy most everywhere else. We’ve heard the Coast Guard announcing low visibility the last few days.

Garrison Bay was clear. As soon as we got out to the west side of San Juan Island, we encountered the fog.

mv Archimedes heading into the fog at San Juan Island

And then the world disappeared. It was all chartplotter, AIS, Radar, and Seattle Traffic all the way to Point Hudson.

mv Archimedes in the fog at San Juan Island

It was an uneventful and not particularly interesting crossing. 4 hours of motoring along and watching screens. Just a few other boats around us. We talked with Seattle Traffic (VTS) a few times along the way. We didn’t see land again until we reached Point Wilson. And even then, just a glimpse every now and then.

Here we are. Point Hudson Marina. Slip #1. Right out on the end. It looks a little like we are at the edge of the world. The fog and overcast never did lift in Port Townsend. We haven’t seen weather like this for a while now. All the sun and warm has us kinda spoiled.

mv Archimedes at Point Hudson Marina 1

Here’s Renegade coming in behind us. She was on the dock with us a few days ago in Genoa Bay. Renegade is a 37′ Victory Tug.

mv Archimedes meets Renegade at Point Hudson

Yikes! What happened here? This boat was on a trailer at the Northwest Maritime Center.

mv Archimedes ouch that had to hurt

That’s about it. A not very interesting crossing. I cleaned the boat some this afternoon. Kim went in to town. There will be more of the same tomorrow. We are here one more day. Then it is off to Seattle.

Tonight the fog is back.

2 thoughts on “Garrison Bay to Port Townsend

  1. Rusty and Kim,
    Very much enjoying your travel blog! Fabulous pictures of our favorite places!
    We are sailors of 40+ years and thinking we should convert to power. Our Acapulco 40 now resting in Brookings Or. and hoping we can return soon to the North Country,

    Jeff & Janice

    • Thanks. There is certainly no better place to own a boat. We are also temporarily displaced from the Northwest and would love to return. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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