Ladysmith to Clam Bay

We departed Ladysmith with no destination in mind. We’ll need to come back again and spend a bit more time. Everyone was very nice.

mv Archimedes leaving Ladysmith Maritime Society docks

With no destination in mind, we just headed back the way we came. Back toward Trincomali Channel and south. Another calm and gorgeous day in the islands.

mv Archimedes fantastic day in the Gulf Islands.

I’ve been to Clam Bay once. It was about fifteen years ago. Maybe longer. The experience all those years ago had pretty much kept me away ’til now. It was time to face the bay again. We motored in and found a nice place to drop the anchor. There were five or six other boats there and we all had a good distance between each other.

Time for lunch on the flybridge.

mv Archimedes lunch on the flybridge in Clam Bay

Years ago, I ventured in to Clam Bay in a sailboat. My father-in-law, a friend of his, and myself. We had a great time there until it was time to leave in the morning. We started the engine, pulled the anchor and started out of the bay. Suddenly the engine died. Nothing we did seemed to convince the little beast to do anything.

As it turned out, we had wrapped a fair amount of nylon line around the propeller and shaft. The other end disappeared into the depths. Being the youngest of the crew, I was “elected” to resolve the problem. I stripped to my underwear, grabbed a kitchen knife and diving mask and slipped into the chilly water.

While it was probably only 30 minutes or so in the water, it seemed much longer. At least to me. My shipmates didn’t seem to mind. Up take a breath, down and saw on the line until it was time for another breath. Eventually, I was able to remove all the line from the shaft. I cut the end coming up from the bottom off as deep as I could. I climbed aboard and we were on our way.

The experience was neither painful or dangerous, but it has kept me out of Clam Bay until now. Time to face my fears.

mv Archimedes Kim kayaking in Clam Bay

We broke out the kayaks, toured the bay, and ventured through the channel to Telegraph Harbour and back. We also motored over to Telegraph Harbour in the dinghy so Kim could visit the Farmer’s Market. There was something there that she wanted. When she got there, they didn’t have it, so she bought something else. That’s the way these things work.

Kim insisted I include this photo.

mv Archimedes Rusty Clam Bay

Evening was once again, calm and quiet. We sat out on the flybridge and watched the stars. Kim did most of the watching. I fell asleep.

Morning was also calm, quiet, and gorgeous. It’s hard to believe this much water can be this flat and calm.

mv Archimedes Clam Bay morning 2 mv Archimedes Clam Bay morning 5

Breakfast was a sausage roll and fruit. Yum. The sausage roll came from the grocery store in Ladysmith. I think I like ours better. I posted something about that a while ago. Here’s the link. I am not sure why we chose such elegant tableware for breakfast.

mv Archimedes sausage rolls for breakfast

And Kim has been using her new Coffee Press almost daily. It was very nice of Jen to give it to her. It works very well.

mv Archimedes Kims coffee press

We are on to our next destination. We’ll need to figure out where it is along the way.

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