Montague Harbour to Ganges

Fog was the word of the morning. Lots of it. We could barely see the boats two buoys away.

mv Archimedes foggy Montague Harbour morning 1


The radar shows all the boats on buoys and at anchor.



mv Archimedes foggy Montague morning radar


The fog is starting to clear.

mv Archimedes foggy Montague Harbour morning 2

The fog was gone by 10:00. We packed up and headed for Ganges to do a little grocery shopping. Along the way, we took some time to re-calibrate the autopilot. Just doing circles and zig zags. It must look a bit odd to the boats passing us.

We got a slip out on the end at the Salt Spring Island Marina. After the holiday, and with a bit of rain and clouds the last few mornings, the marina is pretty empty. Again, good for us.

mv Archimedes Salt Spring Marina Ganges 1

mv Archimedes Salt Spring Marina Ganges 2

We motored the dingy over to the dingy dock for the grocery shopping. It’s right by the store. I brought the groceries back and Kim wandered around town for a while.

There’s really not much else to report. Ganges. Shopping. A bit of boat cleaning, some water, and we are on our way later this morning to Wallace Island. With luck, there will be few other boats there as well.

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