Montague Harbour

We stayed an extra night in Montague Harbour. It was quite and nice, so why not?

We woke to rain this morning. Low clouds hanging on the hills. It was not a complete surprise. I seem to remember something about rain in the forecast. With the rain and low clouds, it’s very quiet this morning. There is little sign of life on the other boats. The water is absolutely flat and calm.

It was a lazy morning reading and relaxing.

The sun came out just after noon. We took the kayaks on a great circumnavigation of Montague Harbor. It was very nice. I have a bunch of video, but I don’t know that the current connection can upload it. I’ll save it for another time, exciting as it is …

mv Archimedes Montague Harbour

mv Archimedes Kim in the Kayak

Montague Marine Park was mostly empty today. Less than half the buoys were occupied. Very nice for us.

We spend another great evening looking at the stars. We have to do it while we can. Who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow.

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