Seattle to Spencer Spit

We departed Seattle Saturday afternoon. The plan was to get outside the locks so we could motor north early. Lots of boats waiting so we all ended up in the large lock. The large lock is easy, but it is always interesting. The larger boats tie to the wall with the smaller boats rafted to them. As soon as the gates open, they announce “larger boats first”. Invariably, the small boats all rush in. There is no where for them to go and no way for the larger boats to get in. The lock attendants patiently sort out the chaos and we all eventually end up where we wanted to go.

mv Archimedes in the large lock

We followed the others out of the lock and pointed toward Port Madison.

mv Archimedes leaving the large lock 2

We dropped the anchor in Port Madison just after 5:00pm. Just in time for a some snacks. We spent the rest of the evening getting into the vacation mindset. Just sitting on the flybridge watching the world go by.

The anchor came up at 0635 the next morning and we headed north for Spenser Spit.

mv Archimedes in Port Madison

mv Archimedes heads toward a great day

Passing Point No Point. The tides were on our side and we were making great time.

mv Archimedes passing Point No Point

We headed up Rosario Strait, through Lopez Pass and on up to Spencer Spit. A spectacular day to be on the water. Most of the boats we saw along the way were headed south.

We anchored on the south side of Spencer Spit. There were a number of boats there already.

mv Archimedes at Spenser Spit 1

mv Archimedes at Spenser Spit 2

It was a nice and relaxing afternoon. Next stop, Canada.

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