Sidney to Garrison Bay

We are headed back to the US today. Sadly, this starts the trip home. We’ll still have a few nice days on the boat ahead, just not what we’ve experienced the last ten days or so.

Morning in Sidney. We are the small boat on the dock full of big boats. Oddly, most seem to be from California. I cleaned the boat a bit. Kim went to town. We left when she came back.

mv Archimedes with the big boys at the Port of Sidney Marina Motoring out of the Port of Sidney Marina breakwater.

mv Archimedes leaving the Port of Sidney Marina

We decided to drop anchor at Sidney Spit for lunch. It’s on the way and only twenty minutes or so from Sidney. There was a nice fresh breeze. We’ve seen very little breeze on our trip so far. Combined with the Sun, it was really nice just to sit on the boat with nothing to do for a while. And lunch was good.

There were numerous Orca’s on the way to Roche Harbor. They were swimming north across our path. We stopped for a while and watched as the pod swam by. Too far away for decent photos. It’s always fun to see Orca’s. There are no Orca’s in this photo. It is about where we saw them, though. Spiden Island is on the left. Battleship Island is at the extreme right.

mv Archimedes heads for Roche Harbor

We waitied a while to clear Customs at Roche Harbor. The Thea Foss was there and took up most of the dock. There were six or eight of us waiting for dock space.┬áThis was the busiest we’ve seen the Customs dock.

mv Archimedes waiting for the Thea Foss to clear customs

After her departure, several of us took up the recently vacated space.

mv Archimedes heads for US Customs at Roche Harbor

After clearing Customs, we headed for anchorage in Garrison Bay. Another place we’ve not been before. I’ve read about English Camp, the Pig War, and all the goings on back then. I’ve seen lots of photos of English Camp. So it seemed like a great place to go. And very close to Roche as well.

mv Archimedes anchored in Garrison Bay

After anchoring, we lowered the dingy and headed for the dinghy dock at English Camp. It was after 5:00pm and not much was going on when we got there. We walked around a bit.

mv Archimedes visits English Camp in Garrison Bay 3

mv Archimedes visits English Camp in Garrison Bay 1

Two deer were scavanging what the could from the ground around a couple of pear trees. I shook a few pears loose from the branches of a tree and tossed the fruit to the dear. They seemed to appreciate the effort.

mv Archimedes deer at English Camp

We need to come back again some time. We did not have the opportunity to give the place as much time as we would like to have.

Dinner was Cajun Pork Loin and Couscous on the boat. And a glass or two of red wine.

Tomorrow we (at least me) are up early and bound for the Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend. The last stop before we are back in Seattle.

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