Wallace Island to Ladysmith

Morning in Princess Cove was a combination of rain and fog again. After a leisurely breakfast, we stowed the kayaks and the inflatable and decided to head for Ladysmith. We have not been there before.

mv Archimedes Foggy Wallace Island morning.

By late morning, the sun was shining. We pulled the anchor and headed for Ladysmith by way of the Trincomali Channel around the north end of Thetis Island, and on down to Ladysmith.

The weather was so nice, we bobbed in the channel for an hour or so, just enjoying being there.

mv Archimedes enjoying the great weather near Thetis Island

We decided to stay at the Ladysmith Maritime Society Community Marina Guest Dock. There were just a couple of boats there so we had plenty of room.

mv Archimedes at the Ladysmitih Maritime Society Guest Dock

We walked in to town for a while. Did some grocery shopping and headed back to the boat. Along the way, some very nice folks offered us a lift back to the marina. The walking felt good so we thanked them for the offer and walked the rest of the way back to the boat.

Feeling lazy, we had a pizza from Roberts Street Pizza delivered to the boat for dinner. It was good. We watched a movie. It was OK.

Morning in Ladysmith. The start of a fantastic day.

mv Archimedes morning at the Ladysmitih Maritime Society Guest Dock

The Ladysmith Maritime Society Community Marina and Visitors Center has a nice facility, and museums at the docks. Well worth a stop for the night.

mv Archimedes Ladysmitih Maritime Society Community Marina 1 mv Archimedes Ladysmitih Maritime Society Community Marina 2

Heritage boats on display at the Maritime Society docks. The C.A. Kirkegaard (left) and the Saravan.

mv Archimedes Ladysmitih Maritime Society Heritage Boats

We are headed off to somewhere later today. I am still not sure where we will end up tonight …

2 thoughts on “Wallace Island to Ladysmith

    • Not sunk, just a little slow, and we’ve found that shockingly, there are more locations with poor connectivity than we remembered. Or maybe it’s just that tonight, in Sidney, will be only our 4th night in a slip since we left Seattle on 8/31. So Rusty stores up the blog posts and sticks them out there all in a bunch. 🙂

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