Yikes! Faded wood

I removed some old instruments from the salon wall recently. A barometer that said it was always sunny — which is not necessarily a bad thing in the northwest, and a wind speed gizmo that wasn’t connected to anything outside where the wind is. I relocated the clock to a more convenient location. As you can see from the different wood colors, these instruments have been on the wall for quite some time.mv Archimedes BeforeAfter Instruments

Now what to do? I don’t think I can easily make the dark spots light, and I doubt it’s practical (or affordable) to make the light spots (pretty much the whole interior) dark. I guess we’ll just hang a picture.

Kayaking Montague Harbour

Here’s a video I put together from our trip in the Gulf Islands this last September. We broke out the kayaks and took a spin around Montague Harbour on a fine, fine day.

Fair warning. This is not a great video. You may regret the 13+ minutes you spend here … if you sit through the whole thing. It’s shot entirely handheld on my iPhone. The horizons are crooked. It’s not particularly exciting. And I’m not much an editor.

But … the weather was so fantastic that day, and the water so amazingly calm. And it was such a spectacular trip around the harbor, and just so damn nice to be there. That’s why I posted it. 4:50-8:00 is probably the best part.

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