We are currently “on the hard” for bottom paint, zincs, and few other little things. It’s been two years since the boat was last out of the water, three years since the bottom was completely redone.

We came back from Poulsbo last Monday morning, stopped at the slip long enough to straighten up the boat and take some stuff off. Then I popped across the lake to Yachtfish Marine while Kim came around the lake with the car.

Along with bottom paint and zincs, Yachtfish is replacing the cutlass bearings while the boat is out of the water. They have a nifty gizmo that will eliminate much of the labor and time for this task. They can press the old bearing out and the new one in without the need to remove the shaft. They are also going to check shaft alignment and motor mounts for us. I don’t know when that was last done. The motor mounts could be as old as the boat.

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A Windy Poulsbo Weekend

I am an optimist. At least I am when it come to spending time on the boat. So our plan was to motor over to Poulsbo for a nice, relaxing weekend. Kim likes Poulsbo. We would anchor out and watch the world as the boat gently swings on the hook. That wasn’t exactly how it worked out. We started out well, but the weather turned uncooperative.

After an easy trip through the locks Saturday morning, we pointed the bow toward Port Madison. The sky was a thin overcast. The seas were calm, almost no other boats in sight. All was good in the world.

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Headed for Poulsbo this Weekend

RKL_4672We are off to Poulsbo for the weekend Saturday morning. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, come by and say hi.

We are hauling out at Yachtfish Marine Monday morning for bottom paint and other minor work. Getting ready for spring! More on that later …

Visiting the Seattle Boat Show

I always look forward to climbing around on boats I will never be able to afford. My friend Bruce joined Kim and I for a visit to the Seattle Boat Show to do just that. The nice, or at least interesting, part of this year’s visit was the tour of the booths at Century Link field. This is the first year that I actually felt we didn’t need anything for the boat. I, of course, am a bit conflicted about that. I am always looking for new and nifty gizmos.

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